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What Damages Might Be Recoverable After a Wrongful Death?

When a loved one dies, no amount of money can ever replace him or her. If the loss was unexpected, though, seeking compensation may be the only way for your family to maintain your financial security. This is especially true if you relied on the deceased for income, benefits, and/or household services. Thankfully, you may […]

What Should I Bring to My First Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have an upcoming meeting with a personal injury attorney, you’re probably wondering how to prepare. While a resourceful professional will be able to handle virtually all the logistics of your case, it’s up to you to ensure the claim gets off to a strong start. You can do this by gathering the following […]

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Calculate Pain and Suffering?

When it comes to personal injury actions, South Dakota allows for the recovery of both economic and non-economic damages. The former refers to monetary losses like medical bills and missed wages while the latter encompasses intangible losses like pain and suffering. If you file a personal injury claim, your legal team will use receipts, records, […]

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Personal Injury Case?

It’s natural to worry about your finances after sustaining serious injuries. The costs associated with recovering, after all, can add up fast. In addition to direct expenses like medical bills, for example, you may be facing indirect expenses like lost wages.  Thankfully, if you were hurt at the hands of someone else, you may be […]

Struck by a Drunk Driver? Take These 5 Steps Immediately

If you were recently struck by an impaired motorist, you probably don’t consider yourself lucky. The fact that you managed to survive, though, is incredibly fortunate. After all, drunk drivers are responsible for 29 traffic fatalities around the country every single day. Thankfully, those who do get hurt in drunk driving accidents—or their surviving loved […]

Building a Car Accident Claim? Avoid These Common Mistakes

If you were struck by a drunk, distracted, or otherwise reckless motorist, you’re entitled to seek damages. Just because you have grounds for a claim, though, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically secure a payout. In order to recover funds for all associated losses, you’ll have to present adequate evidence of both liability and damages. You’ll also […]

Who Might Be Liable for a Bus Accident?

When a bus strikes a pedestrian, cyclist, stationary object, or moving vehicle, the resulting damages are often catastrophic. Thankfully, those who sustain serious injuries are sometimes entitled to compensation for their losses. If you were injured in a crash that involved a bus, you may be able to recover funds for medical bills, loss of […]

When Might an Insurance Company Dispute a Personal Injury Claim?

If you were seriously hurt because another party failed to act with reasonable care, you deserve justice. For scenarios involving negligence, that generally means holding the liable party financially accountable for all damages incurred. Just because you have grounds for a personal injury claim, however, doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to a payout. If the […]

How Soon Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident?

If you were seriously hurt in some kind of accident, your first priority should be your health. Following a motor-vehicle collision, for example, you should seek medical care right away. Once your condition stabilizes, your priority will undoubtedly become your finances. Between the mounting medical bills and string of missed paychecks, accidental injuries are enough […]

What Qualities Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney?

If your life was forever changed because someone failed to act with reasonable care, you may have grounds for legal action. Just because you’re elgible to file a personal injury claim, however, doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to a payout. In order to secure a satisfactory settlement or favorable verdict, you’ll have to present sufficient […]