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5 Things You Need to Know Before Filing a Car Accident Claim

Car accident claims are necessary for the aftermath of a crash. However, injured people make mistakes far too often. They are unsure of what to expect. They’re dealing with emotional trauma, financial hardships, and physical harm. Before moving forward, though, you should know some vital information.

It’s vital to prepare yourself before moving forward. Without knowing what to do, you run the risk of making a mistake that can cost you significant compensation.

Here are 5 things you should know before filing a car accident claim:

  1. Hiring a lawyer is one of the first things you should do.
  2. Insurance adjusters are not what they seem.
  3. Know what your compensation should include.
  4. Don’t accept a settlement offer without speaking with an attorney.
  5. Protect your rights immediately after the crash.

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1. Hiring a Lawyer Is One of the First Things You Should Do

Most people will tell you to call your insurance company immediately after a car accident. However, when you contact insurance adjusters, they are looking for ways to protect their profits. They look for vulnerable situations where they can offer much less or deny claims wrongfully.

One of the first calls you should make is to a lawyer. An attorney can help file your claim with insurance adjusters in a way that safeguards your rights. Once you have legal representation, you level the playing field against insurance companies that use devious tactics to take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

2. Insurance Adjusters Are Not What They Seem

As we mentioned above, insurance adjusters use tactics that often compromise your claim. They act friendly, but they’re not always as they seem to be. Instead, remember that they work for insurance companies. Their primary focus is profits, and you should have someone on your side looking out for your best interests.

3. Know What Your Compensation Should Include

Seeking compensation is vital after a crash, but you should know what you may recover. For instance, will your compensation include lost wages and property damage? Should you recover compensation for medical expenses?

Ensure that insurance adjusters include your non-economic damages as well—which account for emotional trauma after an accident.

4. Don’t Accept a Settlement Offer Without Speaking with an Attorney

When an insurance adjuster offers you a settlement, it’s hardly ever as much as you deserve. If you accept the settlement, you lose the right to pursue additional compensation. Before you do anything, speak with an attorney so that you can understand your rights and options.

An attorney can help determine if you deserve more, when to accept a settlement, or when a trial may be necessary.

5. Protect Your Rights Immediately After the Crash

The things you do after a crash can help you safeguard your claim. Preserving evidence can be helpful, especially if you take photos and exchange information with the other driver. The more you can do after an accident, the better it is. Your legal team can utilize the evidence you gather to build a strong claim and pursue the compensation and justice you deserve.

At Beardsley, Jensen & Lee, we put over 100 years of experience in your corner. Your case requires experience, and we put tenacity and skill in your corner. We want to help you pursue justice and hold negligence accountable when you need it most.

Our Rapid City car accident attorneys are ready to stand in your corner. We’ll be your trusted advocates, going above and beyond with your rights in mind every step of the way.

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    Brad and his team were excellent in all aspects

    “Brad and his team were excellent in all aspects. Brad made sure I was informed at all stages and never felt in the dark. His representation of me and my case were better than I could have imagined. Being unfamiliar with the process, I could not have been i”

    - Cindy H.
    I worked with Matt he was very helpful and did an awesome job with my case. Would definitely recommend.

    “I worked with Matt he was very helpful and did an awesome job with my case. Would definitely recommend. Even after all my stuff has been settled I’m still able to reach out and ask him questions and he always helps me get an answer.”

    - Cody J.
    I highly recommend their firm

    “Matt and Katrina were very helpful and reliable, and were on the ball on my case they did a great job, got back to me right away on all my emails and I highly recommend their firm, very courteous and respectful, Thank you again”

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    I am so very grateful for the work Matthew McIntosh did for my family and I.

    “I am so very grateful for the work Matthew McIntosh did for my family and I. He's an amazing attorney and definitely gets any and all problems resolved!!! I would recommend his services to anyone whom maybe be seeking legal help. Thanks for everything Matt”

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    I would definitely recommend Matt and I am extremely thankful for having him represent me in court.

    “I was very impressed with Matt and his knowledge, demeanor, organization, and his ability to give me confidence/calm my concerns. I would definitely recommend Matt and I am extremely thankful for having him represent me in court. These are my words but I t”

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