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Serious burns have lasting physical, emotional, and financial implications, from permanent scarring and disfigurement to loss of bodily function, mobility, and enjoyment of life. At Beardsley, Jensen & Lee, we recognize the significant impact these injuries have on victims, as well as their loved ones and family members.

If you suffered severe burn injuries due to the careless, reckless, or negligent conduct of another person or party, we can help. Our Rapid City burn injury lawyers draw on more than 100 years of collective experience to build powerful cases for our clients, always with the goal of maximizing their recoveries. Our goal is to help you through the legal process, handling every detail so that you can focus on healing and moving forward with your life.

If you believe your burn injuries resulted from someone else’s negligence, contact Beardsley, Jensen & Lee onlineor by phone at (605) 777-7466for a free consultation today.

Types of Burns

Burn injuries are classified according to type and degree.

The different types of burn injuries include:

  • Thermal Burns: Those caused by contact with hot items, surfaces, and substances
  • Electrical Burns: Those caused by contact with live electrical currents
  • Chemical Burns: Those caused by contact with harsh, abrasive solvents, detergents, and chemicals
  • Radiation Burns: Those caused by radiation from medical treatments, the sun, and other sources
  • Friction Burns: Those caused by abrasive contact with hard surfaces, such as asphalt; also known as “road rash”
  • Cold Burns: Those caused by exposure to extreme cold; also known as “frostbite”

Additionally, the severity of a burn injury is classified based on its degree.

The four different degrees of burn injuries include:

  • First-Degree Burns: The mildest type of burn injury, first-degree burns often result in localized pain, redness, swelling, and some minor scarring. First-degree burns can typically be treated at home with standard first aid.
  • Second-Degree Burns: Second-degree burn injuries are considered to be moderate to severe and may result in significant damage to the upper and lower layers of skin, leading to redness, swelling, pain, and scarring.
  • Third-Degree Burns: Third-degree burns are severe injuries and typically require immediate medical attention. Third-degree burns often result in “charring” of the skin, leading to a whitened or blackened appearance, as well as numbness and nerve damage.
  • Fourth-Degree Burns: The most severe type of burn injury, fourth-degree burns affect both the upper and lower layers of skin, as well as the surrounding tissues and bones. Fourth-degree burn injuries are medical emergencies that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Moderate to severe burn injuries may require extensive medical attention, hospitalization, and ongoing and future care. Such injuries often cause significant and permanent scarring and disfigurement, which can leave victims grappling with serious mental and emotional health challenges, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What Are the Common Causes of Burn Injuries?

When we think of burns, we typically think of injuries resulting from fires and explosions. While these are among the leading causes of burn injuries in the U.S., they are far from the only ones.

In fact, some of the most common causes of burn injuries include:

A common theme in many burn injuries is negligence. When others act carelessly or recklessly, innocent people can suffer severe injuries and a lifetime of related consequences. At Beardsley, Jensen & Lee, we believe that those responsible for such incidents should be held accountable. We believe that victims should not have to suffer the consequences of others’ misconduct on their own—and the law is on our side.

If you or someone you love suffered serious burn injuries, and you believe someone else was to blame, reach out to our Rapid City burn injury lawyers to learn more about your legal rights and options. We can help you seek fair compensation for your damages by filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the liable person or party.

Why Hire a Burn Injury Lawyer?

Although you are not required by law to work with a personal injury lawyer, there are many reasons to hire an attorney to help you with your burn injury claim. First and foremost, an attorney can immediately step in and handle the various details of your claim, from gathering applicable evidence to submitting necessary paperwork and documents to negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. This allows you to focus on getting the medical care you need and recovering from your injuries without the added stress of navigating the legal process.

Secondly, many studies have shown that people who work with personal injury lawyers tend to receive better settlements than those who try to resolve their claims on their own. This can often be attributed to the fact that insurance companies recognize that attorneys know the law and how to use it to their clients’ advantage. When you hire a lawyer, you send a message to the insurance company that you are serious about your recovery, and you are not willing to settle for less than your case is worth.

When you choose Beardsley, Jensen & Lee, you don’t just get one attorney; you get an entire team of legal professionals with over a century of combined experience all working for you and your maximum recovery. We are here to answer your questions and provide the personalized guidance and support you need every step of the way.

Reach out to us today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation; call (605) 777-7466or reach us onlineusing our simple contact form.

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