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After being hit while walking down the street, it can be easy to feel like you’re in a tough spot with no end in sight. You probably have huge hospital bills adding up and might be left with chronic pain from your injuries, assuming they have even fully healed. Beardsley, Jensen & Lee in Rapid City is here to let you know that you have rights as an injured pedestrian and that we can help uphold them. Let’s seek full compensation for your injuries together!

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What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

A reckless driver might try to blame a pedestrian for an accident, but our law firm knows better than to simply believe them. The truth is that many pedestrian accidents are caused solely by a driver’s mistake, not that of a pedestrian. Using our investigative abilities and combined legal experiences, we can find ways to prove the cause of your accident was the driver who hit you. The goal is to reduce your liability down to 0%, so you can get the most compensation as possible for your damages.

Causes of pedestrian accidents usually include drivers who were:

  • Breaking the speed limit
  • Driving while drunk
  • Texting behind the wheel
  • Racing through a parking lot
  • Ignoring stop signs or red lights
  • Turning across pedestrian or bike lanes

The location of your pedestrian accident could also help us determine liability. For example, many pedestrian accidents happen at crosswalk intersections. When a pedestrian steps into a crosswalk and while they are authorized by the crossing signal, they have the full right-of-way to be there. Drivers approaching the intersection need to come to a complete stop and not enter the intersection until it is clear. If an accident happens under these circumstances, then it is likely that the driver is fully liable.

Other locations where pedestrian accidents commonly happen due to driver error are in parking lots and along rural roads. In both situations, drivers who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings become more likely to hit a person who is walking nearby.

Are Pedestrians to Blame for Some Crashes?

Are you being blamed for your own injuries after someone crashed their car into you? It is frustrating now, but it will become infuriating later if the driver is able to convince the insurance companies or the court that you really were liable.

A pedestrian can be liable for an accident if they break the rules of the road and enter the street when it is unsafe or unauthorized. Jaywalking is the most common example of unsafe pedestrian behavior that can cause a crash. However, jaywalking does not automatically disqualify a pedestrian from filing a claim if they get hit. It merely makes their odds of receiving full compensation less likely.

Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians usually suffer life-changing injuries when hit by a vehicle because they have no protection from the impact.

Severe injuries often recorded in pedestrian accident cases can include:

If you lost a loved one to a reckless driver, then we can sue that driver through a wrongful death claim and survival action. This type of claim is a little different from a typical personal injury claim in that you are filing on behalf of someone who is no longer around, and you will demand damages related to their untimely death. We suggest letting our team handle your wrongful death-pedestrian accident claim, so you can go through the grieving process in a healthy manner while we manage the legal details.

Fight for Every Penny of Compensation

It is time to get your case moving. The beginning is simple: Just call us at (605) 777-7466 and request your free initial consultation with our Rapid City pedestrian accident attorneys. We will try to arrange one as soon as possible because we know you don’t want to wait any longer than you must to seek justice and compensation for your injuries.

    I loved working with Matt McIntosh and Katrina for my personal injury case.

    I loved working with Matt McIntosh and Katrina for my personal injury case. It is hard getting through an accident mentally, medically, and financially, but they made my experience worry free. I would not been able to get through this without them, glad”

    - Cathryn P.
    I had the pleasure of working with Matt and I was very pleased with how professional and his knowledge in my case!

    I had the pleasure of working with Matt and I was very pleased with how professional and his knowledge in my case! I highly recommend Matt and his team, they have been nothing but great!

    - Whitney S.
    Brad and his team were excellent in all aspects

    “Brad and his team were excellent in all aspects. Brad made sure I was informed at all stages and never felt in the dark. His representation of me and my case were better than I could have imagined. Being unfamiliar with the process, I could not have been i”

    - Cindy H.
    I worked with Matt he was very helpful and did an awesome job with my case. Would definitely recommend.

    “I worked with Matt he was very helpful and did an awesome job with my case. Would definitely recommend. Even after all my stuff has been settled I’m still able to reach out and ask him questions and he always helps me get an answer.”

    - Cody J.
    I highly recommend their firm

    “Matt and Katrina were very helpful and reliable, and were on the ball on my case they did a great job, got back to me right away on all my emails and I highly recommend their firm, very courteous and respectful, Thank you again”

    - Russell M.

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