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  • When To Talk To A Lawyer

    When To Talk To A Lawyer

    When should you consult with a lawyer?

    1. Before you sign the contract.
    2. Before you start your business.
    3. Before you become a partner.
    4. Before you decide to get divorced.
    5. Before you default on your loan.
    6. Before you fail to pay your taxes.
    7. Before you die (well, you know what I mean).

    Preventing legal problems, like preventing health problems, is far better than trying to cure them. It’s almost always less costly, emotionally and financially.
    Many times, a legal problem would have been avoided if the client had sought legal advice before – not after – making a big decision.

    How about if something bad happens beyond your control, like an accident or a termination from employment? Then, when should call a lawyer?
    If the thought crosses your mind – should I talk with a lawyer – then, talk to a lawyer. There’s no good reason to wait.
    Talking with a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to hire that lawyer. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost you anything other than your time. Many lawyers will see
    you one time without charge. That meeting will give you insight into what you’re dealing with and whether you should hire a lawyer.
    Most of us became lawyers to help people, and try very hard every day to do just that. Most lawyers will meet to discuss your situation and offer preliminary thoughts on
    what you should consider going forward.

    If you want to talk with more than one lawyer, then do. You’re not limited to meeting with only one lawyer. Talk to two or three – as many as you want. Talk, listen, and thoughtfully consider what you need to do – then do what’s best to protect yourself.

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